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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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right now, at 6:00, a dreary evening in the bay area. the second storm of the weekend rolls in. pretty in san francisco at the moment. good evening, i am diane dwyer. good night to stay indoors. a live look at the bay bridge, toll plaza. traffic moving along. a little bit of rain on the road there. but another storm is headed our way. we have team coverage. and monte francis is in daly city. we begin with the weather. hello, job.
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and danville, .1 inch. and you can see right now. that's where the rain is flying. north of the golden gate. starting to get closer to san francisco. santa rosa into petaluma. looking at moderate rain. into the south bay. a stormy one for the west coast. let you know what it means for the plans. coming up in the few minutes. >> thank you, rob. not just another storm, people that live in a daly city neighborhood. hey, monte. >> coming by. and the stability of the
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hillside. they say they are ready to respond, if any more of the soil gives away. wa water crews are digging a ditch. bales of hay and mud on the ground. and any more than it already has. so much mud last tuesday. his son's car was totaled. he still has the doubts about the long term stability of the hillside. >> last fuse day. water main break. 98,000,000 gallons of water in the streets. part of the ground gave way.
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evacuated during the ordeal. just a matter of days ago. understandable why many residents. more wet weather on the way. hi wind, waves, caused problem for a surfer at ocean beach the a call of want out for help, after a pair of surfers wiped out near the cliff house. one went missing. fire department and coast guard responded. eventually they found the surfer clinging to rock nearby. >> surf was 5, 6 foot. the surfer jumped off and swam. he wasn't in serious distress. other than losing his board. climbing up on the rocks. once he makes the commitment to climb on the rock. basically a rescue at that point. >> the surfer reportedly only surfed at ocean beach a few times. examined by medics and released.
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>> new information on the search for a man, connected to an auchser auchs -- an officer involved shooting. an officer spotted the suspect vehicle. after a short pursuit. police say the driver pulled over. opened fire. one of the round. struck the canister. so the officer was very fortunate. and suffered minor injuries. both fled the scene. they caught one suspect nearby. they believe he is the gunman. he was taken to the hospital. and treat ford a gunshot wound and taken into custody. and should be kidded armed and dangerous. the body of a 22-year-old marine was returned to the family in the bay air y today. shot and killed by police in
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palm springs this past week. and kimberly terry at the freemont mortuary with more. there was overwhelming grief. the body of the corporal was brought inside the 22-year-old was shot. the morning of november 10th. during a confrontation. and used his as a weapon. and based at camp pendleton. and start college in ape few months. and planning on spending thanksgiving with them. >> he was excited. wrapping up the years in the marine core. came up here. last week and week before.
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>> the family says they want to know more details about exactly what led up to the shooting since according to them this is completely out of character for them. they want a,000 full investigation. independent of the palm springs police department or river side district. county district attorney any office that is. both officers involved in the shooting have been placeded on paid administrative leave. we were told by the family that the funeral is planned for wednesday, at 11:00 a.m. it is open to the public and will be held here at the family mortuary in free mont. we are told by the family he will receive full military honors. at his burial. live in free mont. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> one year after his shooting death, some people are struggling to deal with the death of officer. known for devotion to family,
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community and colleagues. killed after a high-speed pursuit and foot chase. remembered at city hall today with a moment of silence. members of the police department remember him as a great officer, mentor and marine that gave become to the community. the veteran officer was 45 years old. left behind a wife and three daughters. angry fans are demanding a refun after comedian, cat williams, bizarre show at oracle arena. members say, williams started an hour late. rambled on a few minutes didn't tell jokes. few minutes later the security officers dragged him off the stage. that wasened of the show. backing up to wednesday, the comedian was arrested in oakland on suspicion of assault after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle. and then earlier this month, will yams had a confrontation with a heckler and was sued. and williams punched her. he will perform tonight as
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planned in fresno. a bay area mom, says their daughter saved their life and they never felt closer. plus hard to find a box of twinkie tuesday after hostesssh doors. whether it means the end of those brands. and nbc bay area set out to end hunger now. holiday food drive is under way at safeway stores across the bay area. couldn't do it without the help of volunteers such as the students from branham high in san jose. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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there is no let-up in air assaults in gaza. 160 rockets were launched into israel. two aimed at tel aviv. in return, israel carried out 300 air strikes in the gaza strip. one hit the prime minister headquarters and another a police compound. 46 palestinians and three israelis have been killed since fighting began wednesday. here at home, pressure on to avoid the fiscal cliff. which would raise taxes on the majority of americans and cut spending across the board starting january 1. republicans who hatch been against tax hikes say they're now willing to talk about increasing revenue, democrats, oppose cuts to programs such as social security, are recognizing they'll have to give a lit tool probably. president obama and congressional leaders say they're working on a compromise.
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both side will meet again after thanksgiving. that's the plan. they hope to come up with a solution well before the end of the year. twinkies and hoho lovers are turning to the internet to find the cakes after hostess is shutting down. stores are wiped out of the cream filled sponge cakes. many junk food lovers are turning to craigslist and ebay. listed for thousand each. some people say they want to pass on a childhood favorite to their children. >> i think -- she hasn't had her first twinkie. we are hoping to get one before they -- before they were gone. >> although hostess is shutting down it might not be the ultimate end to the popular snack cakes. the company is planning to sell its brand at auction. a hearing on hostess' liquidation scheduled for monday. coming up next, not struct lstr business at the white house. the story behind this photo of
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president obama and a member of team usa. >> watching radar tonight. starting to show the next storm system. bearing down on the bay area. moderate rain, spilling towards san francisco. of what it means for the rest of your weekend forecast when we come right back. also, bay area teenager credited with saving her mother's life this past weekend. a touching story. >> makes me feel amazing. makes me feel -- you know, so close. to her than i ever was. >> also, busy saturday. nbc bay area. we have teamed up with safe way to help end hunger in the bay area. jessica aguirre, at a safeway and got help from 4-h volunteers. food drive runs un,000 till kti day. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> a teenager is called a hero tonight. how a sunnyvale girl used something she learned in school to save her mom's life. >> you are looking at a new man. president of put it that way. five days ago i was -- hopeless low sad. wondering how i am going to raise a 17-year-old daughter on my own. >> larry dolan couldn't be happier spending time at el camino hospital with wife laurie and daughter lindsay. they had a scare of a life at home sunday. >> brought the hamburgers in from the grill. there she was on the couch. stiff, purple. and i just started screaming for my daughter. >> i heard my dad, call my name.
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and i never heard him say my name that loud. >> 17-year-old lindsay took one look at her mother and jumped into action. >> plugged her nose. made sure she had a clear throat. picked up her head a little bit. it wasn't leaning back i blew in her mouth. >> lindsay says she took a one-hour cpr class two years ago. so she now how to bring life back into her mother. >> oh, well here is a story. i couldn't believe it. you know? my daughter saved my life. >> doctors say lori has long qt syndrome. her heart stopped. she didn't breathe for 25 minute. her extended family came to her bedside. because doctors didn't believe sheaf would survive the she pulled through. it may be because of lindsay. >> even the doctors were telling me that, without that, my wife would have been gone. >> doctors are calling this teenager a hero.
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>> amazing. it makes me feel, you know, so close to her than i ever was. like -- it's crazy. she is my mom. and i love her. >> that is one lovely daughter. all right. 1,000 families in oakland are now able to enjoy a turkey dinner this thanksgiving. thanks to a dinner basket. give away. lower income families from oakland signed up to participate in the annual giveaway. 1,000 families picked up their baskets today complete with a turkey and trimmings for a holiday feast. but the idea that's we want to, encourage families to come together and share a meal. thanksgiving is a wonderful time to do that. >> this is the giving thanks program. fifth year. event is put on by the oakland city council member. sports agent, erin goodwin and goodwin family foundation. 1,000,0 1,000, families served. 5,000 to 6,000 people. >> members of the nbc bay area
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family spent the day, raising fund and collecting food this holiday season. there you see, meteorologist, in the safeway in danville. buy a prepackaged bag of food at any safe way for $10. donate it to local food banks. donation is came from people of all ages. check in right now. rob, you were with the kiwanis club. i was with the kiwanis club. there is a great day out there today. despite rain. >> numbers very, very impressive. look at the number, lower left. last month's month long total. 58,000 donated bags. today, day one. nbc bay area. and the safeway and, helping us out with 24,000764 donated bags. outstanding. a month to go. well on our way. eclipsing the total last year. why not. go for 100,000 this year. and really helping out our bay area food bank. show you what is going on on the
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radar. seeing here, north bay. lot of rain coming down. santa rosa. the rain is clearing parts of santa rosa. moving fairly quickly now. out of the north bay. petaluma. golden gate. east bay. sprinkles. san jose. partly cloudy skies. things dry to start. at least for san jose spartans game. 7:30. by 8:00. 9:00. rain coming down, san francisco. and there you see satellite radar view. the cyst,000 tell. thank goodness, moving quickly. we need the rain. heavier rain. before midnight. go through the day, sunday. and look at cloud spilling through. and dry conditions for the bay
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area by sunday afternoon. go from this pattern. sunday. one that is going to turn stormy for the west coast. bay area, at least half of it. will be drier. while the north bay starts to see, increasing chances of rain. so, the dividing line. right, south of the golden gate bridge. monday, tuesday. north bay. quite a bit of rain, north. and tuesday. see the rain drifting to the south. sure enough. and before tuesday. that rain starts to drop south. and wednesday. big drafl day. looks like,000 dealing with showers for the rest of the bay area. ,000 temperatures tonight. 40s. 50s. cooling off around the north bay. skies start to clear later temperatures tomorrow. 60s. same today. upper 50s. low 60s. east bay. trivalley. 62, san francisco. may seem a little muggy out there too. with rain flying. temperatures close to 60 degrees. showers leaving the south bay tomorrow morning. and then, sonoma northward. rain moving back north and south. tuesday night, on into
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wednesday. so we'll have to deal with a little bit of ran for the get away wednesday forecast. thanksgiving day, and friday, right now, actually looking good. clearing skies again. looks dry. into next weekend. tonight, this evening. plan on, we are going to need it for the next three, four hours. >> time for the rain. >> it is. >> thank you, rob. we will be right back.
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or visit your local walgreens for more information. the president meets with members of the 2012 olympic team. this photo released by the white house, shows mr. obama imitating, mthe not impressed look. caught during the medal ceremony in london. the president was an avid watcher of the olympics this summer and talked to all five members uh the u.s. women's gymnastics team by phone from the campaign trail in hoip hohir they won gold. right now check in with comb comcast sports net.
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what's going on around the bay area. i need to do the not impressed look. >> that looked pretty good. you are beautiful you can do that. i am already ugly the i am not going to get uglier. will not give it an attempt at all. coming back, we will talk football. will alex smith play monday night. hear what one teammates says the qb must do before he can get back on the field. the pac 10 title on the line at the rose bowl. could usc take the brown from this a cross town rivals. find out next in sports.
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welcome back. stanford is thinking upset. cardinals facing the number two team in the country. oregon right now. and in duck territory. tied at 7. 2. 30 in the first half. we'll have complete highlight tonight at 11:00. don't miss it. speaking of close games. number 18. usc. 17, ucla. bruins up 17-0. jonathan franklin, takes 17 yard for the td. bruins up 24-0, like i said this guam was close. usc, wouldn't go away. fourth quarter. down 11. matt barkley. marquise lee. 14-yard td. two point conversion. two point game. ucla. franklin. td. this one, 27 yard.
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he had 171 yard. and two scores. usc, driving second. and matt barkly. look out. crunched by anthony barr. ucla wins 38-4 to clinch their second. straight pac 12 title. congratulations to the bruins. alex smith. lifted a questionable -- listed as questionable for the showdown with the bears. 49ers quarterback has not been fully cleared. suffering a concussion. describe what the final step is for smith to return. and the quarterback. probably would be different. consistent thing. the helmets coming off.
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i was standing up. >> with alex smith, and hopefully play monday night against the chicago bears. should be a good game. diane have you noticed when you ask a guy with concussions a question about the concussion, he says i don't remember. of course he is goingo say that. >> i had a concussion once too. i am going with that. ten years later. >> and henry, we have got san jose state tonight. in a big game. >> san help say state going to be in action, once again. spartans, bowl eligible. they're going to be going to a bell game most likely. cal, oregon state. plenty of football tonight. stay with us for 11:00. we should have a lot of scores for you. >> sound good. cal not bowl eligible. >> i'll let you say that. you break the hard news. >> thank you, henry. >> all right, we want to check in with, oh, we have got -- this coming up. nbc bay area recognized for it community work. here we go. station received outstanding
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corporate grant maker award from association of fund-raising professionals of silicone valley. award presented in san jose at 25th anniversary celebration of silicone valley fill philanthro day. got it in. see you at 11:00. do good night. coming up next on "tech now." celebrities going high tech to bring gadgets. we run down the latest video gam games to hit shelves in time. inside the fastest growing social network you may not be on yet. did we mention gadgets for the holidays. we have got a ton. from the tech museum of innovation in heart of silicone valley. i am scott budman. this is "tech now."
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